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I Grind

[Intro: Kevin Gates]
This how it go round my way
My name Kevin Gates, ya heard me?
You might know me, you might not
I'm trying to be a nigga favourite rapper
Nigga getting away with that?
I'm sending my lil goons at you

(Get em')
Bitch I grind, what you mean grind?
Ain't no in the mean time (It's like you didn't get no sleep)
I don't get no me time
Hustle hard, these patroling cars had to squeeze I
Put that on my president, man I put that on my street sign

[Verse 1]
Get em Gates
The paper sweets I know vatterans who play for keeps
White navy, (?) scream like the state police
My minimal conversation has been a maserpated
Family praying, (siblings of big comprehenders of cancel pacient?)
I'm real life, peanut butter don't kill mice
A child die from eating rat poison it still don't feel right
The new appartment got furnished with stolen televisions
Compensate whos stolen with dope, hope he don't tell our business
My self for instance been loaded, blowing the cell up
They sell one of my niggas for nothin, and raised his bail up
Meet the bossman, want to get imbonded, get a mail up
Hard to make it, how you make it? Everybody leash on you
Agree to disagree then un-discretely put the heat on you
Pink and blue pain killers (?) are kind of pinkish too
My little son a dog, playin ball ain't get to see him too
Time slowing down, now I'm taking time to think it through


[Verse 2]
I'm from a city where the skinny niggas ride and o
Bigger niggas run up with their gun up
You thinkin' you tough? Well look at your (?) come show up
My shooter shoot from head to your feet and hit all of your toe up
Most niggas hit the party and club just to get toe up
That's why these bitches anticipating her friends to show up
Yea Rocky on that liqour but most of my niggas pour up
That's why I'm buying bottles until these bad bitches throw up
Now ho don't act strange, you fuckers know that you know us
We Flame Gang monsters, we made it out the (?)
Dope boy status, my H moister than yoga
And they coming back because they partners over dosing
And then they wonder why I wear this black hoodie and this (?)
Cause bitch I'm trying to ball, riding doe with (?)
My back against the wall, my only option to focus
Done lost all of my dogs so my fucking heart frozen
I'm thinkin' bout G-5, that's why I'm constantly smoking
Got Mr. Gates on the lo we bought to .. we are open
Right in down Carolina with the 3 wheel motion
So many guns are (ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY)


[Verse 3]
It's 6:30 we already nigga pouch nigga
Me and Kevin Gates, he clutchin' I'm smokin (What up Gates?)
Still high from last night, but that (?) is what I use to cut my dough with
That (?) that's for them (?) thats that old shit
Had to stop using it, got complaints from my doe victs
And all them fuckin' real D boys know this
I got some dope taking oh you pose to blow shit
You could take a dose and turn it into a 4 quick
...... idk dis part


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