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I Hate London

When I woke up early in the morning
First I smelled your awful breath rightin the air
Mr. Johnson bought a new umbrella
Feeding old fat doves down Pickpocketdilly Square

All along the pond they call a river
With all that crowded traffic at your side
Won′t you come along with me to Soho?
There′s a crack goin′ on in the criminal bars tonight

Uh - I hate London, Uh - I feel so sick
Uh - See me running, Uh - I never come back

Mr. Joyce disappeared for positive poems
Mr. Wilde was dying down in France
This is not a place for better weather
This is not a stage for unemployed reggae-bands

There′s no need to stay a little bit longer
There′s no reason there′s none to compare
A buskers heart is dying by the dockside
Goodbye Lady Rubbish I don′t care


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