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I Hate That I Love You

Not accurate but some it is right

Lil Wayne:

Shawty a dime, shawty a crime
cuz she been killin em everytime
Shawty shop online, she stay at the salon, she stay in my head ?? she so fine
And im not fine, say im not well this must be hell
Cuz shawty was my angel and i lost my angel
What am i doin where am i goin
What didnt i do, what didnt i show her
What was i not knowin, b/c of u and him me and her not grownin
Shit is not goin the way is supposed too she tellin me evernight she wish she woulda came b4 u
i say everyday i wish she woulda came b4 u but we live in a world where wishes dont come true


Damn i love you (damn i love you)
so much that i hate you (i hate you), i hate that i love you (hate that i love you)
i wish i could hate you but damn i love you so much that i hate you

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