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I Keep It Gangsta (Baby & Lil' Wayne Diss)

What's up nigga haaah yea,
This B.Gizzle nigga you know how I do it nigga,
I keep it all the way street nigga,

Til tha bone grizzle nigga til the meat show nigga you know how it go haaah,
Me and K I double D nigga (what),
We doing it big over nigga real big (chopper city real big) real muthafuckin ghetto nigga,
Believe it if the meat ain't showin we ain't knowin nigga

I keep it gangsta, I gotta keep it gangsta, [x3]
I keep it real to the bone nigga gangsta,
I keep it gangsta, I gotta keep it gangsta, [x3]
I keep it real to the bone nigga

[Verse 1:]
Gotta trick up my sleeves for these bitch ass niggas,
Holdin they nuts on me I'm tryna get 6 figures,
Watch how they face hit the floor when my company blow,
They gon have that big look I shook a big mill out the door,
I'm a hustla real hustlas get it how we live,
We make it happen nigga and believe me it's real,
Thinkin I won't but I guarantee ya I will,
Tip down on ya knock ya brains on the dash of the steering wheel,
I been slangin steel out here hustlin nigga,
Killin jackin kidnappin straight up punishin niggas,
Flippin savin and stackin I'm bout money my nigga,
I ain't settlin for a mill I wanna 100 my nigga,
Everything you tryna do look I done done it my nigga,
If ya want start beef let's bust my nigga,
I been thuggin my nigga since way back in the g,
What ya know bout BG an K I double D look,


[Verse 2:]
I'm all hood gizzle ghetto fabolous,
Stay tatted up from my stomach I know I'm tatted up,
Neighborhood superstar on the left side of my chest,
Chopper city on my stomach cash money on my back,
I'm a hard hitter know how to play my cards nigga,
Gotta click do not cross they way or they will get raw with ya,
Snipe and gar hit ya,
When tha ma come get ya,
Them people can't identify who ya are nigga,
I'm head in charge nigga,
Still a hot boy nigga,
Stop fuckin with baby wasn't real as I thought nigga,
That's a soft nigga,
Got bitch in yo heart nigga,
Wayne the same goes for you that's ya new pa nigga,
I don't want war with ya if that's what you want go with me,
I'm a expose the whole cash money history,
Make ya remember me,
Wanna steal from me,
Shoulda kept it real with me,
But now ya gonna feel me cause,


[Verse 3:]
If a nigga get outta line I get gatted up,
An if a bitch get outta line she get batted up,
These niggas with that hoe shit I done had enough,
It's time to ride grab ya shit nigga saddle up,
Trust me gizzle always armed and I'm dangerous,
If you get caught in that cross fire ya brains get flushed,
Out the back of ya head nigga that's how I roll,
When I unfold tha stock on the SK an let it go,
Tha game cold but it's fair nigga do ya thang,
It ain't no secret that b.gizzle gonna do his thang,
Nigga run up then you know I'm gonna let it rain,
What ya forgot I'm bout that shoot em up and bang bang,
Beef get clackin click clackin my nigga all that,
Jackin kidnappin it's whateva I'm bout all that,
So if you thinkin about steppin nigga then think twice,
Cause my advise to you that it ain't wise,


[B.G. talking til beat fade out]
This muthafuckin track here you know it's gangsta (gangsta),
Gizzle and Kidd on the track and it's gangsta (gangsta),
I got phil in the back and in the gangsta (gangsta),
Throw up yo hands nigga gotta keep it gangsta (gangsta),
If you a gangsta (gangsta) then throw ya hands up (hands up),
If you a gangsta (gangsta) then throw ya hands up (hands up),
If you bout bustin a gat then throw ya hands up (hands up),
Then throw ya hands up (hands up) nigga throw ya hands up (hands up),
I keep it gangsta (gangsta) baby he ain't gangsta (ain't gangsta),
I keep it gangsta lil weezy he ain't gangsta (ain't gangsta),
I keep it gangsta chopper city gangstsa (oh yea)
Nigga we gangsta (oh yea [x2]) (nigga we will un huh)

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