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I Like Dat

Can I speak on how I feel y'all?
Let my heart do the talking
Listen up princess

[Verse 1]
I wake up in the morning, take a knee and thank God
Then go to the mirror, look myself in the eyes
Today I didn't wake up with a woman on my side
Yesterday I didn't wake up with a woman on my side
Neither the day before that, nor before that
I just remember the moments, call me Kodak
And know that I do miss ya
But it's your denial that I must hold against ya
Since you been gone
I have been all alone
But alone is steroids, 'cause it made me strong
Girl, hair gone in the wind
Ya cheated on God's son, baby girl, that's a sin
But I forgive you
But I can't give you
Another chance, ma, you're in my rearview
And I put that ring on your finger, I was all in
But now it's just a symbol of what could've been

[Hook 1]
And now I'm by myself, but
(I like it)
Damn, she left me all by myself, but
(I like it)

[Verse 2]
I love my niggas, no homo
I swear I hope they all get cheese, like Digiorno
And something 'bout the Hot Boys that you don't know
I got a lot of love for 'em that I don't show
And B.G. been my nigga since the front do'
I hope Chopper City Records blow, fo sho'
And me and Juvey never really got along
But you still would let your nigga
Come get on your hottest song
Damn, I fuck with ya for that
I fuck with ya Lil Wack
And me and Skip go back
(Skip what up)
When you see a real nigga you gotta tip your hat
And since I'm a real nigga, I do just that
I had my own lawyer working on Turk's case
After I heard him dissing me on the mixtape
'Cause he's locked up and I'm free
He got a lot more to worry bout than me
I ain't trippin

[Hook 2]
Y'all niggas left me by myself, but I can't front
(I like it)
And so, now I became the President
Of the spot y'all left me at
A lot has changed, but, I can't front
(I like it)

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