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I Like It

I Sit Here Lonely For DaysEveryday At My WindowMy Living Room WindowThinkin About UI Watched The Kids As They PlayWhat Happened 2 The NitendoWhere The Game GoNo Time For Video GamesNo Time For SegaO NoYea I'm In SpaceI Don't Kno If It Is This Girl Face How She TasteBut I Like ItGood GodI Don't Kno, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno What I Got Myself IntoGood GodI Don't Kno, I Don't, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno What I Got Myself Into!But I Like It!Ooo I Like ItWhen U Doin ItHow I Like ItSo Keep Doin ItHow I Like ItCause I Like ItOoo I Like ItAlright[Verse: Little Brother (Lil Wayne)]I Like Sex In The MorninI Like Sex At Night(Sex At Night!)I Like Sex On The WeekendsIs That Alright?(Is That Alright? !)Alright, Alright, All Night Alright?Come On I Got [? ]Took Off The Dress But Kept On The Heels(Yah!)Damn Baby U So Exotic(Exotic)Holler My Name Out When I'm Inside It(Little Boo)No Shame I Ate Her ProductsLil Wayne-Little Boo]Took Her To New Born And Came Out SnottinTo Dips A Dip N Now We RidinHead To The Set Took Her To The ShowerBack To The Set Back To The BedIt's 3:45 Now I'm Gettin Some Head[Lil Wayne:]Good God!I Get ColdI Get GoostbumpsN I Head In The DoorThat's Similar To Her Name(That's Similar To Her Name!)I'm So Cold With My Hair All AloneI'm So High, I'm Nearly Tamed To DieShe Told Me Her Name Is CrazyAnd I Said Hi They Call Me InsaneThen She Say Crazy And Insane Is So High Up In The TreeShe Like F.U.CShe Like I.N.GI Don't Kno, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno, I Don't Kno What I Will Do(I Don't Kno What I Will Do)I Guess II Guess IHave Decided Lord Help Me Wait On YouYea OooooI Think I Like You(I Think I Like You)If U Was A Porn I Will Decite U[I Like It lyrics on]{Lil Wayne-Decite U! }The Bed Could Be Our Ring I Wanna Fight You(Fight You!)Put My Key In Your Ignition (Let Me) Ignite You(Errrrrrrrrrrrr)The Cops Keep Commin, The Cops Keep ComminTo My Front Door Like I'm Tryna Do SomethinThey Don't Understand That I'm Involved With A WomanN That I Love To Make Noise When She Feel It In The Stomach(Yaaaaaahhhh!)Um, I'm a Have To Talk To The NeighborsMatter O Fact Let Me Take A Walk By The NeighborsI Don't Kno What's The Hell Wrong With The NeighborsAnd What The Expect When A Animal Is {? ]Knock On The Door Like Chicky Chicky Check ItLife Is A Porn You Don't Ricky Ricky Reck It(A Porn You Don't Ricky Ricky Reck It)Yawl Called The Cops And Recorded A MessageWhen I'm Just Tryna Kill A Problem Called ErectionHead In The Coupe Call It Sex On WeelsI'm a Big Dood I Treat Sex Like MealsShe Ride Me For BreakfastA Long Time For Luch AndBehind Is For DinnerFor Dessert She Say Yum[Lil Wayne:]I Sit Here Lonely For Daaaays!EverydayEveryday!In My Livingroom Windooow! (Ha Ha)I Watched The Kids As They Plaaaaay!What Happen To Niteeeennnddoooo!No Time For Video Gaaames!(No Time For Video)No Time ForNo Time For SeeeeggggaaaI Don't Kno, I Don't Knoi, Iii Doont Knooo, I Don't Kno What I Got Myself IntoBut I Like, But I Like It, I Like It!Yah!If She Leave I Don't Kno What I'll Do(I Don't Kno What I'll Do)O Hey I Do KnoI'll Go To Hit The Door!And I'm a Wait On You!Yea, Yea, Yea, YeaI Like ItSay What?I Like ItSay What?Say What?Yeeaahh BabyShe Likes ItShe Likes ItShe Likes ItI'm a R.O.C.K.S.T.ArYoung MulababyShe Likes ItAnd She Likes It!Cause I Do MeHow She Like ItI'm a Do MeHow She Like ItShe Kno I Do Meeee!How She Like ItI'm a Make A MovieI'm a Make A MovieI'm a Make A MovieI'm a Make A LongI'm a Make A Looong MovieI'm a Make A MovieI'm a Make A MovieI'm a Make A Movie

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