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I Never Say Sorry

It seems like it’s always a pussy-ass person trying to hold you down, man. But you just got to keep [?], you hear me? Nothing’s gonna stop. Private jets, hella diamonds, hella money

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
These niggas, these niggas, they trying to stunt
They trying to come stop it, but I got the guap
I got get the lean, I go hop in the ‘Rari
I never say “sorry”
I never say “sorry”
I never say “sorry”
I never say “sorry”
Nigga, I never say “sorry”
Fuck all your talking, man, fuck what you’re talking
Nigga, I never say “sorry”
I never say “sorry”
Nigga, I never say “sorry”

[Verse One: Soulja Boy]
I’ma just cop out the lot
I’ma drive straight out the lot
Nigga, I never say “sorry”
I’m up in the kitchen, I’m whipping a pot
Free my nigga Rich The Kid, he on lock
I come straight with the guap
These niggas, they talking
These niggas, they talking
These niggas, they don’t get the guap
Versace my socks
Miami the yacht
Fuck on a thot
I smoke up the guap
These niggas ain’t hot
These niggas, they cold
I come out the wrist
Come out my wrist, it come out the bowl
I whip it and serve it
I whip it and [?]
Fuck what you talking
Fuck what you thinking
We pouring drank, nigga
Fuck what you drinking
Fuck you talking, we [?] on the weekend
Fuck what you talk, we [?] on the weekend
Now go get designer [?]
Go get the Phantom [?]
Pussy nigga can’t get close to me


[Verse Two: Soulja Boy]
Nigga, you in an apartment
Fuck what you talking, I trap out the [?]
Trap out the condo [?]
Trap in the mansion [?]
Yeah we [?] do it so often
I stack a hundred K, do it very often
Niggas talking, man, these niggas so [?]
[?] these niggas, they talking
Hop out the [?], hop out the coupe
Hop out the ‘Rari, I got the juice
Twenty two gun salute
I got the troop, Uzi automatic, shoot at you
Shoot at you, nigga, [?]
Who is these niggas, they talking [?] we be toting heat
In the street with the thirty
Leave you holey like a jersey
Nigga, I ain’t never heard of you
Nigga, I will swerve on you
Fuck is you talking, nigga?
Put you pussy niggas in a coffin


[Verse Three: Soulja Boy]
I never say “Sorry”
I’m pouring that lean on [?]
Your [?] outer space
We buying and buying the cake
We buy the Ferragamo right by the case
We get the Christian Louboutins in the case
We get the Christian Louboutins in a box
I get [?] on a yacht
[?] in Miami, we up on a yacht
Water whip [?] like it’s sitting in a pot
Niggas talking, but they ain’t get no guap
Niggas talking, they will never stop
The money ain’t shit, we super hot
We in the streets, cooking in a pot
We in the streets, where you niggas not
La la, I don’t wanna know
So don’t tell me
Nigga, I gotta [?]
Nigga, I ain’t being modest
Fuck all them hoes


[Verse Four: Soulja Boy]
A million dollars that is in the sky
Why would I lie?
Why would say “sorry” or apologize?
My niggas get money, we get it now
These niggas, they talking, they [?]
My niggas, they talking, they get it now
Niggas, they talking, they talking, they get it now
We in the streets, yeah, we whip it now
My favorite place is the kitchen now
I take a quarter then I break it down
All my niggas get a quarter pound
I had the water and water now
I got the diamonds that’s sitting in water now
Bring me 60,000, bring me 40,000, bring me 100,000, bring me 200,000
Bring me another 800,000
Money piling


Clack, clack, clack, clack
Hrra, hrra
Doom doom doom doom
We hop out the window like doom doom doom doom doom, boom boom boom boom
We [?] out them windows like hrra, hrra, hrra, hrra, doom doom
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Skrrt skrrt, bang bang, boom boom
[?] out the window like doom, boom, boom boom boom boom

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