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I Took Her (Remix)

Sweet Street PussyI Got That GushieNasty Stuff BitchesI Took Him.[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]I Like A Draid HeadPretty Teeth,Six Pack,Cute FaceBoy If Thats YouThen Put Your Info In My Two WayBoy You A Star Me And You Can Make A MovieHe Said The Diamonds On My Belt Look LikeKool Aid And When Im Gone He Be Missing MeLike School Days.[Verse 2:]Alright,I Like A BitchAnd Im That F**kin BitchF*Cking Right Im RichAnd I Aint Gettin HitchIm Gettin Paidn ForCall Me Money MitchBallin Like Tony Gwen[Verse 3:]Im Never Lonely In The PenthouseAnd All The Time A Bitch ThinksHes At A Friends HouseOk, I Put The Phantom UpAnd Bought The Bent OutIts Mz.CArt3r Bitch...Im Hot Like All The Vents Out...Haha[Chorus x4]I Go Holly Grove, 17, Carlton,Eagle Street[I Took Her (Remix) lyrics on]Runnin With My Hood Till My Feet Gets SoreRun Up On Them Girls And You Aint Runnin No MoreI Am From The Jungle, The Mighty JungleAnd The Guns Go Pow... HahaWhy Your Girlfriend Acting Like Secret ServiceIma Get You By Yourself , Dont Forget My Secret ServiceIm On The Purple Urple And Now The Earth Is BouncinIve Climbed The Highest MountainAnd Baby Boy The Coupe Is Fountain BlueYou See The Green And Yellow Diamonds Call ItMountain DewI Got A Crib In The Sky With City ViewAnd I Take A Skinny Nigga If His DickGrew... HahahaNow What It Do[Chorus x4]Gucci Shoes,Gucci Buckle,Gucci Belt,Gucci BucketSharper Than The Yellow Number 2,I Doesnt What I DoAnd If You Didnt Know,Now You KnewThat I Am The Firegirl And Red TruckYellow Skirt... And I Treat Money Like Glue...You Know I Gotta Stick To Paper...You Know Im Like A StapleThats Why I Got The Cashmoney Above My NavleAlright Money,Niggas And Cable We MultiplyinMoney,Sittin At The Time Table... HahaSo Holla At A Bitch When You See Me On The GrindAnd Bust A Nut Like We Runnin Out Of TimeAnd Dont Say A WordJust Act Like A MimeBoy Might Be Yours But His Dick Is MineOk

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