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As a wise man that thinking if I present the game of my mind
The reason I went shade you can't see the pain of my eyes
In the range storm in the's pressing all of my feelings pose
Never treat me serious, mama never won't listen all
Stomach hurting my pockets if the idea nigga won't pimp me,

In the dark room I don't pray to all, I ain't never setting no Bentley
Hustle hard in the LO way by miss see the house I'm getting
Rap my car Chris laughed at me, like I ain't post to remember
Wish..was still living, wish ..would still living
Wish Josh would still live
Look at Chris how you're tripping.

Young troll just hit the phone,
But he don't keep it a thousand,
Ray..just ..em, and he ain't even see bout that
Now you're telling me 'bout that
Seeing me 'bout that, nigga let me get a real truth
You won't have it now, but you won't have it later
My face cold with the hundred benz,
Game recognize game baby, molly brought it..ass
I die for me to go war behind
real niggas all around me, bitch niggas ain't wrong me
Talk Massachusetts exclusive somebody break it back,
Cocaine made me smile but I cried
Ain't think my team a rat,
Stroke you know I love em,
but nigga wrong 'cause say fuck me
How to go when I fuck with nigga, ain't nobody fuck with em
In the neighborhood that I grew up in,
They call it the southside, everybody house over crowded
Forcing in the .. guide
molly causing clury, hustle hard and fruits on
on the boulevard with the roof open like damn say what I do now,
me and bees and rat, ice copin this muddy

You don't like me then fuck you
Probably dead me over say fuck me
God forgive me that nigga play with me
I'll probably kill their mother,
Make the funeral you in trouble,
Out the gunside they bustin
Pussy rebel talking shit on Twitter
but our own republic is nothing
Discussion head in our bumping
if lose can kill I wouldn't be there
bitch I won't get real head
but I don't trust at that much
let me slipping go back to jail
watch how many nigga she fuck
let me slipping go back to jail
watch how many niggas she fuck
Hang it on!

Bitches all on my dick
Bitches all on my dick zip
Only God know my struggle
And it hard so I hustle
I don't fuck with none of you niggas.
Don't trust of you niggas.
Wanna pull me..

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