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If You Want Me to Stay

Now if you want me to stay, I’ll stay around your way
Long as I get the bank all blue and grey
Now if you want me to play, I’ll play around your way
Doggpound gangster stuff yeah, that’s that’s the way

[Verse 1]
I’m all about tak-taking it to the next level (hello,hello,hello)
Smash petal, bust out the metal
Tell me is the real (real), you be flexing, you be faking
No remorse, no questions, you dealing with a gangster
But if you come on babe,I’ll talk to your face
I don’t give a f**k what the people say okay (okay)
Be a battler, or get dealt with in the worst way
Ratters and chatters, it’s whatever
I'm dreamscaping, yellow tape mac 11s four 7s how we have'n
Ay our 15s dpg swanging
I do it how I wanna do, anyway sayers
Say it like you mean it,fresh as ron officials orignal, we genius!
Gansta Los Angeles distinguished, gentleman!
Come in to settle in, get it from the streets, straight Switz and the Netherlands


[Verse 2]
I'm fresh to death corduroys and some fresh Jays, fitted cap
George town home boy banging blue and gray
Come around my way,get a dose of this potion,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
While I drive I be smoking on that wizzah
Lean to the lizzah lean to the rizza
Reside on the east side my side where the heat fly
But you can get that ass whoop from a nigga that be high
Try'na make a dolla outta 15 pennies, dippin in the Henny, acquiped with twin semmies
It happens for a G in a Duckie Brown four doors
MC hoes to the left, foes to the left, frauds to the left
Cause I'll tear off all four doors to the left
Ready for whatever, whatever is whatever
But make us put holes in that soft butter leather


[Verse 3]
Baby boy, what it do, I see you on the sidelines
Outside the chevy yea check the guidelines
I do it to u raw, u ain't know u getting digged out,in case you ain't knowing if you missed out
U know we meant to be in some rich styles
Steady chipped up, get the swiss watch a nigga flip up
You know we up all night into the break a dawn, and the party don’t stop till 6 in the morn’n
We smashed, get that cash in this ass in a flash
So fast tippin, nigga wippin, dippin, pass
Go ride, east side, west side, east side g slide
Dis a nigga this is what will happen,got Smoke by the pound
Parties at the house in and out, Dogg Pound that's what it's about
Lil mama love me caz I keep it so G, she always love gangsta's and she always love me


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