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You carry boyi go yonder, you say he no go oh
Slavers boku round town hin brother tell am oh
Stand for your ground, make you no hurry follow go
Them dey sell people troway, my brother no go oh
The people them wey go river them never return oh
Them say na mami water carry everybody go oh
For full moon, papa go farm he never return oh, them say na the forest carry am swallow oh

Listen boyi, life no balance at all oh
You go place you no know, you no go return oh
Boyi feeling true, him heart dey beat for the road oh
Him fate na to follow them, follow journey go

Ah ah ah
Wetin I think I become ah
Ah ah ah
Na illusion them dey sell you so

Boyi look forth, him look out, no other place to go oh
He carry him few belongings, reluctantly follow go
For this life we dey, the things you do you know oh
E better to go reach the place find how e dey oh
I talk am, I shout am boyi still dey travel go
Na destiny dey push man where him dey go ah

He try am, he fight am, urge strong no be small
The tori e dey the place where him dey go ah

Ah ah ahhhh
Na wetin I think I become
Ah ah ahhhh
Na illusion dem dey promise you so

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