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Im Done With Yall

Listen to this track, bitch
It's Buck, bitch
What they do?
Some got it shake, some gone shake out here
Know that, yeah!

[Verse 1]

My brain gone naked chested with no chains on
Skinny never had a penny nigga but I remain strong
Hey where the fiends when it's slow and made my days long
Thinking bout who I can rob ridin on my way home
Yeah, It’s Atlanta, 6 zone, they make the shit known
I’m only here to do good business shawty get the bricks gone
Hoods trappin in heavy fun is like a carnival
I like ya ferarri but my chevys more comfortable
Shits cautious, I’m dealing with this bosses, they played me in this rap shit I ain’t taking no more losses(Oh,NO)
I do 20 shows they gone buy me 20 bowls let the streets eat a week right back doing 20 more
My niggas know if i go back and payin 24 then that mean they gettin low
Oh it ain’t Teen-A-Key and it ain't no 17, 21 or 23
Whatever you’re doing keep doing it ‘cause it ain’t for me

You’re tryin to get it, get it, talking bout you gonna ball
But I got it, now I’m done with yall
I’m done with yall, I’m done wit yall
You’re tryin to get it, get it, talking bout you gonna ball
But I got it, now I’m done with yall
I’m done with yall, now I’m done wit yall

[Verse 2]

I'm conceited, cause i done been mistreated, tell the DEA take my dick and eat it, fuck your case I beat it
All my bitches been deleted, fuck you Buck go ahead tweet it, fuck you too they hate, i need it, I can see it, I can read it
I got drum clips, drummer beats, dumb shit, i'm in the streets like yellow lines, stop signs, and an acapella mind
Like turn the beat off, when i wip out the south, gotta bring it back
While a nigga running out wit a black car, and been trappin out my backyard
Loving every minute of it
They say when you don’t like it
You become a victim of it, so I’ll stay on the map
My niggas pitch at public, i'm buying Gucci bags from boose, cause my bitches love me
Fuck it, Act like Boosie just came home and MC-Murder got parole, act like Tik ain't even gone, act like Pit Bull broke outta jail, act like Lil B wit a chopper, act like LT in the projects shootin' down a helicopter


[Verse 3]

The benz I made, made them wanna be my friend again I spin a bend again, pump up is adrenaline
People look at me cause yall don't see my vision and you can see i'm gettn' in even wit some tinted lens
Yeah I buy it now, I use the rent it then, I used to say just UNO, now I say send um in
I use to fuck with her now, i fucked wit her and her twin, one get the dick the other one wonder when they work is in
My mama gamble 20 stacks, she on the bingo bus, all she do is ball, if it weren't for her there wouldn't be no Buck
Stay up, when they stayin' under, I know millionaire niggas still playin numbers
We shut up to among us, you can't take nothing from us
Remember how they done us even when the crew humongous
Just know I’m in the kitchen
I’m still wiping wonders, shinin' all you niggas for the next 10 summers, FUCK YALL


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