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In Gotti We Trust

[Intro: Xzibit]
Terrence Martin
Kurupt Young Gotti
8th Wonder of the world

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Look... I'm shitting on niggas
Magma, rock hot lava Prada attire
Fire starter from barter carve a live wire
Fly-er, all fire, sire, murder for hire
I'm smashing on niggas
Castrate, eliminate, obliviate, interrogate
Assassinate, .38 blasting on niggas
Four blocks flipping spazing on niggas
I'm like fuck ya'll niggas
Slow motion coasting ocean water flow
So out of the ordinary, canary diamond exquisite listen
The wizardry of a wizard, extensive pimping
I'm sick of this shit
Time to get another whip and get another bitch
Time to flip another gig and flip another bitch
So the bitches friend make them both suck a niggas dick

[Chorus: Xzibit]
King pin Kurupt
The federal reserve, In Gotti We Trust
We hit them up like (bird call like whistle)
What's cracking
You get no love. No passes. No action
That's what popping. What it is. What's happening
Ganstas smash for respect. Fuck asking
The last man laughing. The last man standing
Kurupt Young Gotti with a cannon
God dammit let's get it!

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Look... You can line em all up
Remind them all what the fuck Kurupt done
Arsonist terroristic mental lyrical past time
Spitting darts at your heart
What ya'll spitting's asinine
Yeah, ayo its no doubt
Your ho'll scream and shout I turn this muthafucka out
I'm chromed up and ready, I'm bullet proof and heavy artillery
My chevy I'm steady rocking, I'm ready baby
Ain't nobody gon stop this feeling
Dumping thunder bumping common suits and villains
They got me under surveillance
Cadence interchanging, radiating and vaguing
Pussy poetry rating, electrifying I'm slept on
Stepped on, creeping, crept on but I'm ready
Nice advice ya ice is nice I slash and slice
I paid the price, I'll take your life

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