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Inner Persecution

Not far from deathDrowned in dreamsNightmares teemsYou will suffocateSchizophrenia is your fatePursued until you dieConstant terrifiedNo more hope to findIn your deranged mindThere's no therapyTo cure your destinyCorroding day by dayUntil you fade awayInner persecutionBrings you bad illusionsInner persecutionA mental demolitionDesperation surrounds you like a veilTo the wall of suffering you're nailedSo in the end you'll die in fearBecause you are mad and no one caresSplitted personalityConfined in one bodyTrying to find some spaceIn the psychological mazeSome one good and some one badEvery one of them made you madSchizophreniaSchizophreniaHeavy breathNot far from deathDrowned in dreamsNightmares teems
Cadaver Inner Persecution

Date Added: 2007-12-27
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