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Intro (Tha Block Is Hot)

[Mannie Fresh]
Ahh Hot-Hot
Yo! Wassup?!
[Baby]What it be like fresh?
[Mannie Fresh]Whats Hannin?
[Baby]It's all gravy baby
[Mannie]It's Gorgeous
[Baby]And Tha Block Is Hot, Whats up nigga?
[Mannie]Aww man it's magnififent...Magnififent
[Baby]Look nigga my block so hot when my hoes walk them diamonds poppin' out they toenail woadie
[Mannie Fresh] Bling Bling, Bling BLING!
[Baby](But its all gravy)
[Mannie Fresh]Ya Heard me?
[Baby]Tha Block is full of lava nigga (Ha), got them Popo's pulling up actin' crazy nigga whats happenin?
[Mannie Fresh]Tha Block Is Hot, like a barbeque at Satan's crib
(Off top, I'm loving that!)
Tha Block is hot, like the Delgado Clinic ya heard me
[Baby]This lil nigga wayne is so motherfuckin' on fire (Wayne is gorge-rific!) A hose pipe couldn't put this nigga out
[Mannie] Man Baby have a heart, Have a heart
[Baby]This lil nigga here is greasy, (Have a heart), He cheesy (Have-A-Heart) This lil 4foot millionaire is on fire woadie
[Mannie]Aww man that's wonderful
[Baby]And he know he representin' with the motherfuckin' Big Tymers, B.Geezy, Turk, Juvey; come to lay it down nigga you still laying down hot ass tracks I gotta give you the motherfuckin' "Hot Beat Of The Year Award"
[Baby]I love that I love that, I can love that truly beautiful boy!
Now check it out, and it's all gravy (bring it on, bring it on)
This lil nigga here is hotter than a motherfuckin' torch at the Mardi Gras season (Ha!)

[Mannie Fresh]Weezy, lay it out like a carpet, Lay it out (Do watcha do boy) lay it out, lay it out,(Do watcha do boy) lay it out

[Baby]I'm lovin' that...fresh you laid that motherfucker
[Mannie Fresh]Fuck 2000! We going all the way to 3000!
[Baby]How you luving that Playboy (Whoadie!)

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