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It's a Mysterious Hustle

The world's no place to raise a child
You've been dropped into the wild
You're here now and the clock is winding down
Let me show you how to work your way through the crowd

It's a mysterious hustle, you got to figure out this hustle
To overcome the place where you come from
It's a mysterious hustle born in the middle of a puzzle
Just a step in front of fire breathing dragons

The world's a blur of twisting limbs
Why the hurry with so much in front of them?
The old man, he makes no such attempts creeping slowly
Chasing the golden dim of the nights behind him

It's a mysterious hustle born in the middle of a struggle
A 100 yard sprint, from the beginning and from the end
It's a mysterious hustle, sociopathic bubble bath
It's no place to raise a child

It's a race to the bottom of the pile where all the junkies
Collide and bend in a field of equal-sized tents
Entertaining lies in small print where you'll find
What was said and what was really meant
(Stay close to me)

Now I'm faced with the very real task of saving you
But the best thing I'll ever do is protect you
Remember they're all lonely
Even though they're cheek to cheek

If you follow the beaten path it will keep you tied to the past
And you'll live and die with the anguish of never getting it back
These are the rules and they are always changing
(Stay close to me)

As hard as this life is it could be just the playoffs
Some people put their lives in the hands of God
Bet on yourself just in case your life
Is in the hands of the odds

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