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It's All About Me

{*scratched: "kick the science"*}

So what's up? I hear you've been lookin for the Nice
But now I'm here, standin clear in your sight
or your vision, I only recommend to your visual
Mess around and this becomes critical
Easily, cause any rapper I ruin
You're talkin bout foolin me? What could you do to me?
Nothin, you're frontin, it'll be your last
Mess around punk, and get a foot in your {ass}
Cause my voice on wax, gettin paid in stacks
You tryin to diss? Well you might get smacked
In fact I might stomp you straight in the ground
So kill that talk and have a Coke and a smile
Or else have a glass of milk, and a cookie
Cause to me you're just a rookie
In my world, playin my game
To hang with the Nice you must be insane
I reign/rain like a shower, with power
Servin MC's every hour on the hour on a platter
Watchin you shatter, like glass
Fallin by the mass, I'm trainin by the class
And last, I'm here to cold tear you up
Now you know what I'm sayin, so just SHUT THE HELL UP
Cause if not, you better throw your hands in the air
And prepare, to go to war with this here

{*scratched: "kick the science"*}

I'ma - microphone teacher, plus the Black Caesar
Talk about your crew, right down to your skeezer
So just ease off, or else decline
Takin you out ANY season, not just summertime
So choose your season to tangle
I can strangle, with my microphone cable
Then I played you
No matter what, you suckers STILL "Crumbs On the Table"
So be able to hold your own weight
But do not make the mistake and come straight to my face
Sayin I'm too young for this
Please, huh, cause I'll fry you like fish
But just in case you misunderstood
or can't comprehend then boy you should
pick up the telephone, and "Call Me D-Nice"
Area code eight-oh-eight, and I might
teach you how to rhyme on beat
Teach you that dog don't rhyme with skreet
Show you how to tell a real hit from a flop
And teach you what's wack don't rise to the top
Stop - but let me tell you somethin
Steppin to me is like "Self Destruction"
I don't malfunction, nor do I get high
Before you disrespect, you better buy my album
Better yet, the first chapter
Peace to Red, D-Square and Blastmaster
And any rapper, who tries to disrespect D
Huh, it's all about me

{*scratched: "kick the science"*}
D-nice It's All About Me

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