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It's Young Money

[Gudda Gudda]
I gets it in all day
In the studio all work, no play
I could pay a visit to your block all day
Fuck what ya’ll say I spit raw hard yay
Millz twisting up the sticky not that barnyard hay
We just getting to the money then get on our way
Yep, 3 whips back to back
Followed by a Cadillac
Trucks, sluts with us, fake tits and their asses fat
Gudda ain't your average cat, I’m something like a savage that
Came up in the jungle and adjusted to this habitat
I’m sick of nigga garbage raps
I ain't bout to battle rap
Grab the gat, hit 'em in his chest make a cabbage patch
I’m after that chedder cheese nigga
Where the cabbage at?
Gudda Gudda motherfucker there’ll be nothing after that
I’m bout to go HAM on this motherfucking track
In fact I’m better than a lot of niggas better get your raps intact
See me on that big screen and think shits sweet
Diarrhea music when I let this hot shit leak
Uhh, take heed and listen when a real nigga speak
Or slide on a razor blade up shits creek, nigga

[Hook - Gudda Gudda/Lil Wayne]
Uhh, I’m screaming MOB
Money Over Bullshit
Don’t bullshit me

Hello world it’s Little Full Clip Me
Got-gotta wake yo ass up, can’t let the bullshit sleep
It’s Young Money (It’s Young Money)
It’s Young Money
We take money
It’s Young Money (It’s Young Money)
It’s Young Money
We make money

[Lil Wayne]
I’m talking big money bitch
Hammer stay cocked like Alfred the Hitch
Take money like a pimp make money like a mint
Gettin money is the only time life make sense
People like me, but people like spiders
And spiders eat flies and you know what flies eat
And kids are the only ones that really blush
I’m real as fuck
I pull that thing and get 'em up
That bullet travel hit a gut
Then hit your fitted up
Hit your whole city up
Hit you while you laying down
Shots leave you sittin up
Run in the bathroom on your girl and get a titty fuck
Right after I bust a nut I bust the gun get rid of her
Y'a bunch of pussy’s having a pity party
My guns look like they in kindergarten
I’m the dirtiest seed in any garden
Got more stripes on my sleeve than any sergeant
The paralyzed feel me, the blind see me
And the deaf can hear me
And the smart fear me
Wh-which side you on?
Hi-highway to heaven, I would drive you home


[Lil Wayne]
Eagle street where them twenty’s go for 25
Bitch I’m a boss I got ya ho in my assembly line
Here’s Weezy F and the 'F' is for finish line
I saved us from hip hop genocide
Medication in my cup, it's cause my flow's sick
Got a syringe in my drawers, call it dope dick
And my girls say you niggas can’t fuck with me
Check my footsteps look like there was couple me’s
We ain't promised tomorrow, but I feel immortal
Bullets beat yo ass up like Miguel Cotto
I’m the real Zorro, Rest in peace Toro
And when I die, bury me in all Polo
Kanyeezy’s on my feet with two pony tails
Bitch I’m hotter than going to hell
Oh well and the money is my only mail
And I’m a God sippin’ syrup out the Holy Grail
Oh well
And you ain't on shit, nigga you ain't on shit
Its Young Mula baby lose ya mind on every song bitch
I’m in that cherry tone six
I’m with a cherry tone bitch
And she got very strong lips
She got baritone lips so I tell her carry on bitch
And when you in my home bitch
You are coming out of your House of Dereon, shit!
Twitter Wayne at the top of every song list
I’m spittin like a long kiss
Live from the throne bitch


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