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James and the giant peach

My names is James and I am a little boy
Who used to have fun and lots of joy
Then my parents were eaten and died
I was lonely and wanted to hide
I had to live with two aunts, that was old and mean
I didn’t know, “Better days was going to be seen”
I felt sad and I ran away
That was the beginning of a better day
I met an old man that gave me a gift
It was going to make my life great and swift
Running home fast as I could
Not as careful as I should
The gift of green things came pouring out
I knew they was gone without a shadow of a doubt
They were absorbed in the ground
I was sad and didn’t make a sound
Before our eyes, a peach began to grow
All my aunts could think about was making some doe
People paid to see the peach
It was fenced out of everyone’s reach
I could not come out or get fed
I had to stay inside on my bed
I was made to go outside to clean
It was amazing what my eyes seen
The peach was big as a house
I was amazed and quiet as a mouse
To my surprise there was a hole
I was curious so I became bold
I touched the peach and crawled inside
Not knowing I would be going for a ride
Inside were lots of life size bugs
And i thought who are these mugs
All of them knew my name
And I thought what a crazy sick game
They started laughing and talking to me
Oh my God, a better life was going to be
They were friendly and kind
They are going to be friends of mine
No more sadness and tears
I was going to have some happy years
As the peach began to rock and roll
I knew a story would be told

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