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Jump On It

No cut
Pure raw
We sold out
You bought more

[Verse 1]
It was meant to be
Hip hop died, reincarnated through me
Now the promoters gotta double my fee
‘Cause these pop melodies ain’t fucking with me
Get back on your tour bus roll some broccoli
I'll leave your crew twisted and your hoes knock kneed
Hell through (time) and the game in my speed
‘Cause water down hip hop we do not need
Yes sir, I got the real recipe
A little bit of old E and bon bon Z
I guess by now you can tell you miss me
The baddest motherfucker in rap history
One to the temple put you out your misery
That’s not an album , that’s a frisbee
Tangle with LL boy that’s risky
Them boys is backwash, we want whiskey

(Jump on it! jump on it!)
When the chips is down you gotta fight for the crown
(Jump on it! jump on it!)
Tell them boys over there get down or lay down
(Jump on it! jump on it!)
I got the house of pain for your little pop clown
(Jump on it! jump on it!)
Don’t get it criss cross we’re taking over the town

[Verse 2]
Roll up on your set pull out the 4 pound
Who’s pitching out here blast them off the mound
The game got us bored, no rebounce
Claims he’s hardcore how he sound
My radio’s a bunch of noise in the background
For a factory manufacturing pop clowns
That’s what happens when LL ain’t around
The pop stars flooding and the hip hop drowns
DJ suffer while sarada goes round
You screaming? got the real creaming
Welcome to hip hop, we’re out here fiending
Watch a program directed in the bin and
Went from cruss group to a boy band screaming
When it come under the car I ain’t leaning
I wish I could bump the brim creaming
I tell you what, play my stupid — call it even


[Verse 3]
What y’all want, no cut!
What y’all need, pure raw
What we do, we sold out
All because.. you bought more!
No affects on my voice, that’s my choice
Hard raw beat make a soft voice moist
Get the dinero bring the heat like Jon Voight
Timbaland music, rolls royce
Hit you in the head like a fat joint
Back to the S’s big meat in Detroit
L so perceptive shrud in the droit
Bad motherfucker, now you get the point?


(Jump on it! jump on it!)
(Jump on it! jump on it!)
(Jump on it! jump on it!)
(Jump on it! jump on it!)

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