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Keep Cool (Life Is What)

[Verse 1: Wynter Gordon]
Late night, wake up
I'm sick, I'm stuck
You're here, so near
Your dream, my fear
Your love, my loss
Your dime, my cost
My fate, your hands
My life, your brand

[Pre-Chorus: Wynter Gordon]
Living my life in spite like you
This is the best that I can do
Nothing left for me to prove
I give it all to you

[Chorus: Wynter Gordon]
Life is what we made it
And we're living like we hate it
I have given all I can
But I can't anymore
Freedom, I can taste it
And the truth, I need to face it
I've always been dedicated
But I can't anymore

[Verse 2: Shaggy]
Oh you know I love this kind of place yea
And no matter what, you're still my lady
Oh oh oh
I know you're fiendin up here weekly lately
Ah boy you'll find a stretch, you'll never leave me
Oh oh oh
When you woke me up and you give me the sweetest wind up
Take someone to loving, if you be young to time uh
Yeah, I figured why I was so blind now
Even though your hurt was under surface and me ignored your signs girl
Limbered and teared up, can’t leave me like this
Just give me a chance for me to right this
Girl I know you live my love despite this
Cannot let you go, I got to fight for this

[Chorus: Wynter Gordon]

[Break: Wynter Gordon]
It's not right 'cause you say it is
I wasn't born to serve you, I was born to love

[Verse 3: Wynter Gordon]
Your house, your rules
Keep calm, keep cool
Tip toe, steer clear
Your mask, I wear
Your wants, my needs
Loaded, good deeds
Your frown, my smile
You're up, I'm down

[Pre-Chorus: Wynter Gordon]

[Chorus: Wynter Gordon]

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