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Keep on Doin' it

Uh uh what, uh uh
I gotta hustle mayn, I gotta hustle mayn
Uh I gotta hustle mayn, come on come on

[Big Mello]
I wake up early in the morning, thank the Lord for the day
Proceed to bleed the block, cause I gotta stay paid
See I'm on it, nobody gonna do for me
What I'ma do for me, gotta feed my family
See I hit the streets, and connect with G's
Hitting stangs po'ing trees, getting love from fiends
I ain't selling no dreams, I get the cream for the team
Making moves, all my hustlers I know you feel me
While they dropping them screens, I'm out here dropping them things
I got no time to bling bling, I'm in it to ching ching
Could say I'm bout the paper mayn, the cash the feddy
All feddy in this game, but I'm so so heavy
Can't trip I can't slip, and if you snooze you lose
In the dope or the liquor, baby need my shoes
Now be nice dykes, backdo' that thang
Point understood, while I'm picking up my change

[Hook - 2x]
I can't fall off, I've come so far
I can't look back, I must move on
I keep on pushing, keep on grooving
Ain't no stopping, keep on doing it

[Big Mello]
I'm out here on the block, still pumping and grinding
I gotta get it, if I gotta get dirty and grimey
By any means I'ma do it, stay true to it
See nothing could stop me, I keep it flowing like fluid
I pursue it see I grab it, and I snatch it and stack it
Keep my eyes on these jackers, cause they itching to grab me
I'm bar none, if they coming then they better come with it
I ain't tripping no mo', these haters gonna have to kill me
See I work too hard, to let a hater come and take mine
I don't give a damn bout time, and cross the line fa sho
It go down playa, God as my witness
Cross me or my family, now I'ma take care my bidness
It's survival of the fittest, down in the Clutch City
No pity down here, we get down to the gritty
Come through like Vecard, nation of Smitty
Make em feel me from New York, to that Mo City

[Hook - 2x]

[Big Mello]
You see the hustle don't stop, the crime don't quit
I flip the script, and had to get the legit
Don't get it twisted, it's another way gotta stay paid
I still live the good life, thanks to Gene and J
Every way is my way, see I ball with the team
Now we mash for cream, so we can have things
Maintain my focus, and I evade the traps
And many wanna see me relapse, I never collapse
Already they be hating, so I'm cocked and ready
While I'm flipping through this saint john, biscuit and jelly
All my homies in the streets, keep on doing your thang
See game peep game, you got to maintain
It feel good to be free, now you can take it from me
You see life ain't a dream, things ain't always what it seems
Stay alert my niggas, don't let em see you sweat
Peep the game, from the certified Southside vet

[Hook - 4x]

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