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Kool Kid Freestyle

I'll leave your blueprints covered in shoe prints
Poppin' Nuprin
Neighborhood nuisance
Murder your family for two cent
Makin' your crew tense
Brain's too dense
Leave the mic with two dents
Fresher than a whole mouth full of chewed mints
Givin' you rude hints
Cause if you're wack I'm gonna tell ya
I got the issue where they diss you in next month's Source I'm gonna mail ya
You're a failure
You're style's staler than a bowl of hardened rice
Scarred and sliced
I flunked kindergarten twice
But you ain't hard and nice
And you sure ain't servin' no bids
Sayin' you did is like seein' a damn virgin with kids
Creepin' like a phantom
Holdin' my dick like the Player's Anthem
Holdin' this microphone for ransom
Bitches ask me why do I talk nasty?
Grab an ass of every trashy whore that walks past me
My crew's on drugs, lookin' like zombies
Smokin' bomb trees
Racin' police in Dodge Omnis

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Lock, cock and explode
Way beyond bitin' a nigga
Get hungry, disconnect my jaw and swallow you whole
I'm probably gonna blow
Go to hell holdin' a mill
Street smart, under educated, over skilled
I'm tight to the vest
You wanna rip me off? Then try
I fight to the death, who wanna piss me off, then die?
Curse niggas that try, I'm the first nigga to bust
You the second nigga to pull, and the first nigga to die
How dare you think that you gleam like the rest of my team
You a bitch, you like a chip off a berget in my ring
Stick to my words, so I don't threaten niggas no more
If I make you a promise, then it's safe to say that it's honest
My guns is tired from being fired
While yours sits on the shelf
I'm like a song concept in itself
Totin' my weapon, burnin' your vest
In '99, wack niggas learn from the best and hope to be second
Kool Kid nigga
What? Royce 5'9", Slim Shady, motherfucker

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