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LA Leakers Intro

Yea sour milk just incredible man, the Los Angeles Leakers! we here
Thats us man
And we rocking with the big Homie Kurupt (oo that feel good man)
Yea man, 420 the prequel to streetlights mixtape
Thats whats up!
Make sure you check out, the homie Kurupt man, got a album coming out
On 420, called streetlights. And you gon make sure you cop that
Man. fore the next hour or so we gon be rockin out to this
Classic Kurupt, you know. some new shit, some shit you may have heard
And some shit you know what Im saying that you don’t know where the fuck it came from man
And If you from the West Coast you gonna enjoy this sound and if u not man
Allow us to introduce you to it man ( yeah) we gettin busy
LA Leakers, Kurupt - Young Gotti, 420 the prequel to streetlights the mixtape and big shout to
Pentagon records. Los Angeles leakers.com man fuck with us man lets go
Yall you remember these kind of records. that prince type steve five?
Member like in the morning your folks used to play stevie for that feel good and in the evening time they would play Prince for that freaky shit
The Los Angeles Leakers, hey Chris

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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