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Lend Me Your Ears

Headed for the mass rack mob
And put my mask back
Money off an ass tag, bumping, I'mma blast that
Ever since my last lack I've been on a fast track
Out to get this cash back, give me that, 20 racks

Hell out to my ' my state survival
Renegade revival, just a case of squabble
Happens in the '
Hip hop out in LA leaking
All the music in your block, I got tons of weed
Just in a little booth
I'mma ride for my team
Just to let 'em know
Drench like hurricane, the purity that remains
In the veins of the assassins, just incredible
I heard it all, I'm not impressed
I don't pull a reefer than I dip far left
Turn to temperament, icy cold conscience
Turn a knife, nigga, to a motherfucking monster
I got that poison to turn milk sour
Shady 45 on both sides pure power
This whole game is corrupted
There's nothing like corruption or rigged whack deduction
Just incredible, sour milk or nothing
LA leakers leaking all the heat out to you in your ears

Date Added: 2013-05-03
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