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Let's Stay Together

"Let's Stay Together"

Lalalalala lalalala la laaaah la la la lah......ohhhhhhhh

Girl I apologize I'm to blame
And I can't sympathise with your pain
If I could I'd make it go away, but I can't
So I concentrate on more realistic things
Like questioning is everything here really worth salvaging
Is it over, how do we go about deciding
Do we add up all the good times then divde them
By how many times we hurt each other
Or do we just ignore there numbers
And vow right now that nothings ...?

Let's stay together
Can we agree to just disagree
Let's stay together
Don't do it for the kids do it for me
Let's stay together
I'm tired of only making up and breaking
Let's stay together

(Put your hands together man, let's go)
Let's stay together

[Lyfe talking:]
This is where it all comes to a head at
After all these years worth nothing
Is it over? Work it out man
And you dudes out there
Anybody can be slick at talking
Anybody can be slick at talking, man
Try to be slick at listening, man
Your work is at home
It ain't in the streets, it's at home
So get there
Your work ain't out in

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