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Verse 1:

Tongue fuck the pussy rapidly
Stick my tongue dead at you, like Manolo
But, bitch you ain't slappin' me
Cunnilingus, stab it like the fingers of mingus
Caught gingivitis
Lickin' your bloody period puss
Gean Simmons tongue
Demon got women sprung
Drink your pineapple juice
Bitch, eat your lemon meringues
Your ass licked, multitask
Make a whore spasm
I'm the ultimate in giving multiple orgasms
A bitch rarely has them and when she does its barely fantastic
She uses a mechanical piece of plastic
Are you experienced, like Jimmy Hendrix?
Bitch, id like see if my Jimmy can touch your appendix
Hoe bend over, over holy Jehovah I'm in
I'll make you cum over and over and over again
I lick white pussy, black pussy, spanish pussy,yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, smelly pussy!


Verse 2:

I used to take it slow be a gentleman like Marvin
Now I eat a female's genitals like a cannibal starvin
Jerry Doucette smells like fish food
If washing your pussy don't fix it you got internal issues
Muff diving while you got your period is serious
Delirious business, scary suspiria
Red badge of courage, fuck that hun
Fuck around bitch, I'll make you eat your own tampon
Nice, excited, swollen, creamy white juice dripping pussies
With a hole in the middle like a doughnut
Make a bitch go nuts
Teeny, tiny, little pussies but, you grown up
Your pussy's dryer than the arabians
So i'm spitting drool like a fool all over your labia
If you're not into it, then i'm not into it
I'm intuitive you could just do me and drink fluid


Orgasm x4 (SNIFF)

Verse 2:
Face between your legs. i'm about to get in you
Take a deep sniff. If i don't pass out quick, continue
Finger test works too. If I survive it then imma dive in with saliva while you lie there and arrive at an orgasm
Seeing stars like Orion. Legs up, backseat driving
G-spots like Bigfoot or the Bermuda triangle, but I can find it at the right angle
Pussy lips strangle my 4 fingers up in your kangaroo pouch
Now bitch don't piss on my couch
Manipulation hard suck, clitoral stimulation. Immolation of your pussy to the god of FUCK!


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