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Life Is A Bitch

(*Billy Cook vocalizing through song*)

I wonder if I'm blessed, cause I'm still here
And I wonder if heaven's any different, cause in hell the blood spill hits
Got a nigga fiending for his last breath, too many of my partnas
Beneath me, because a bitch made nigga blasted
Too many features in songs, tell me why I ain't got no home
Penitentiary grown, cause I roam with a pocket full of stones
I wanna live my life with my life, ain't worth the living
Cause while I'm dreaming about a Benz, even a hoop ain't driven
Headed for prison, but mama I'm all right with that
Struck down a shank in my tank, these niggas all night with that
And it ain't no love left, fuck all of my foes and friends
Motherfuckers don't fuck with Ro, unless that nigga be rolling in ends
I need to wake up, instead of day dreaming about holding a slab
Like being in love with a woman, that you could never have
Witness the feeling punished by pain, looking for shelter from the rain
People like W double O-D, I'm going against the grain

[Chorus - 2x]
Life is a bitch, then you die
Especially for me, cause I'm a G, one deep when I ride
Pain, and everybody say that I changed
But I was tired of going through it, in this crooked ass game

To all my down ass niggas, y'all can kiss my ass
Anybody who ever said they was down with me, can kiss my ass
In the 2K ace, I'm a sick nigga that's quick to blast
And for the smallest disrespect, I'm coming to get your ass
I done dumped on motherfuckers, what they gon do for me
Out of town on stage, nobody from the hood in the crowd, to root for me
Supposed to be my people, but I think my people is the devil
But my peoples, cause I'm on another level
On my knees, screaming Jesus can you save me
My shit's so fucked up, I wonder if you thought about me lately
And it hurts so deep, a nigga can't sleep, making me late night creep
Suicidal thoughts, I think I'm ready plus its fucking with me
Would I be blessed by these bitch niggas, these fakes and frauds
Fiending for music, cause she know she got my heart
Even thought its torn apart, its bumping out nothing but love for you
And to my niggas keep your business, I got slugs for you
I shed blood for you, but I'm not appreciated
The only nigga that never hesitated, and it ain't no more
Hollering out my roll dogs, name on tape
Unless its fuck you, but in front of it, following up for a cape, bitch

[Chorus - 2x]

Life is a bitch then you die, especially for me
Cause I'm a G, one deep when I ride
Motherfuckers went to turning they back, but its all gravy
Nothing but the word of God, is gonna save me
Lately, I've been over doing it with drugs, fuck around
And overdose, but I don't wanna pass away from multiple slugs
This for the world, I hate all bitches, and all niggas
As if everybody wanna see, the king of the ghetto fall nigga
Murder murder on my enemies, I didn't wanna do it
Thought it was God telling me busting, wasn't balm influid
Murder murder on my enemies, I didn't wanna do it
Thought it was God telling me busting, was enbalmin fluid, cause uh

[Chorus - 4x]

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