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Lightin' Up My

IntroUhh huhthats right carter 3 come on yah yahwalk with me, come roll with me yah it's lil weezy baby haha and i'm just lightin up myChorusLa lalalalala (yea)la lala (yea) la la lalala la (yea) lala la(1-7 cash money young money) lala la laVerse 1 Born in New Orleans, raised in New Orleans I will forever remain faithful New Orleans I thank you New Orleans, Thank you HollygroveIt's been my hood since the snotty noseI come the hood suicide doorsI used to come through the hood on the handle barsGat in my draws, money in my pocket, crack in my jawsI hope it don't dissolveAnd you know i'm duckin 5-4 animalsYoung and quick to go off like car alarmsNow the youngin keep his mind on the parmesanThem other niggas ain't eating like a ramadanSpit the shit that make you feel it in your chromosomeGot some money, put my whole damn corner onYoung carter part 3 i'm the corner storeEagle street, keep going till the homeless homeAnd i'm just lightin up my ChorusLa lalalalala (yea)la lala (yea) la la lalala la (yea) lala la(come on, i'm just lightin up my) La lalalalala (yea)la lala (yea) la la lalala la (yea) lalala la la la la (can I kick it)Verse 2Can I kick my story to y'all, my glory and god, my faith and my flowI pray that I go Where no other rapper hasAnd where your rapping as vivid as I and limit is the sky so IStudy B.I., I bang Tupac, I hum Aliyah and soulja slim was a leader[Lightin' Up My lyrics on]Who am I, not to follow greatness, I give these M.C. hell like they all athiestsTell them hating niggas one like the end of matrixAnd tell the cops I can buy my own bracelets I'm gonna keep the paper running like a pair of ace'sUsed to sport the gucci boots nigga no lacesStripe polo, five pocket girbaud, Mama got a too tired of rocking doe lowI used too have the starter jacket with the logoAnd a hat, me myself had the N.O.Thats the Saint's nigga ChorusLa lalalalala la lala la (yea)la (yea)la lalalalalala lala la (and in just lighting up my) La lalalalala (you know, you know) la (weezy) lala la (yea)la (yea)Verse 3It's little Wayne i'm a shining ringNow im a think its clear without me signing my nameI'm just headlining the gameWont quit until i'm A riding the gameThey riding the bench, They not in the gameI misplaced the key to the lock and chainMy spot remain like a bleach stain, or cranberryIt's murder she wrote like Angela LanceberryI remember being small manNew toys when my momma win the car game, got my gifts before ChristmasDidn't have too wait for em, I had a ten speed scooter and a skateboard hahaAnd we moved to the suburbs, me and lil toya johnson was lovebirdsaww manAnd I swear I feel born againI'm in the building like the audienceJust lighting up myChorusLa lalalalalala lalala la, La lalalalalala lalala laLa lalalalalala lalala la, La lalalalalala lalala la La lalalalalala lalala la, La lalalalalala lalala la La lalalalalala lalala la, La lalalalalala lalala la

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