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Like A Boss

Look like a boss, move like a boss
Ball when I talk, I talk like a boss
I think like a boss, I look like a boss
I'm getting the bricks, and dropping them off
I think like a boss, I move like a boss
I look like a boss, I look like a boss
I move like a boss, I talk like a boss
I think like a boss, I move like a boss

[Verse 1]
I move like a boss, and I think like a boss and
Giussepe stepper when young nigga walking
I'm getting bricks, and I'm getting 'em off 'em
We trapping, swagging when we swag out the loft and
I'm moving, talking, and I think like a boss
Young nigga pay what it cost
Hop out the 'rari, I jump out the roof
Getting money man I'm pouring a deuce
And I'm calling the plug and we bringing her through
Breaking her bricks down by two
I done two on the party, 16 a crew
Shoutout my shottas, man shoutout the crew
And you know what we do
When we flipping and stacking and getting
I break it to the ceiling, breaking bout to get a million
Got my niggas running through millions
We stacking up, because my niggas gotta get it
All my niggas gotta get it, no question
We getting money, yeah them niggas be talking
My niggas with it, yeah my niggas be busting
We pull up on the block, nigga ain't nothing
A 100k in one day, that we did it
All of my niggas we get it
We stacking, we swerving with it
Yeah, my niggas they with it
We with the shits, then we gotta go get 'em
Whip it hard, then I whip it harder
Man they coming in, nigga take they order
I got bricks coming, and they in the water
Stash a 100 thousand, we'll murk your daughter
Nigga talking shit, but they ain't really with it
In the streets, you know them niggas gotta get it
Nigga talking, all my niggas really with it
Yeah we really with it, we'll get it or quit it
Whip it hard, then I whip it harder
Yeah my young niggas, yeah they're going harder
In the streets, yeah my niggas gotta get it
Nigga talking but they ain't really with it
Got my niggas, come and get your wig splitted
And the kush, yeah, we got it or quit it
The AK47 really colder, yeah my niggas told you
Yeah we catch and tote 'em, yeah we toting poles
We shoot at your nose, we shoot off your clothes
Niggas really get it, Red dots on the beams
On the Glocks, on the Glocks, sending .22 shots
Swipe through them ops, what is they on
Niggas talking, blowing up the phone
Nigga shoot you from your chest, down to your bone
All my niggas, yeah we really on
Coming through a gotti, I'm up in the party
Maserati slang 4 'rari
Playing, young nigga know my fucking name
Got a 100 thousand in a fucking ring
Nigga trapping a check, while we trap out the bank
Pulling bricks, niggas catching a case
Niggas talking, they get shot in the face
Shoutout squad, 'cuz we pull up in wraiths
I might do the 'rari, I might do the Audi
I do the Bugatti, I slide in a Maserati to the party
I pop like Ducatti, the bitches on me, and I swerve like tsunami
They all on me, now they think I'm so
'cuz Soulja stacking, and he get to the money
I shoot you in your tummy straight with the tommy
I'm getting money, you ain't taking shit from me


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