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Like Dat

[Verse 1]
Modern day gangsta, old school playa
A fine display of greatness at it's greatness
Send an array of strays at any patriot
Breaking down K's instead of quarters, it's kettle water
Please, no more zip locks or shoe boxes
My little niggas in school got shit now
All of the teachers in the school got fixed
When they seen me in the streets they give me gifts
I ain't riffing or raffing or rapping or yapping
No I ain't from the Nolia, but I'm clapping
No I ain't into coke, but I have it
No I ain't into dope, but I stock it
Like I ain't got the po in my pocket
No I don't like they clothes but I cop it
The white man looking like I ain't fit to go in my pocket
No I ain't fit to stop I'm still poppin
Holla, like I ain't at your throat
I'm a turtle neck collar
Our purpose is respect with a capital R
Whoever don't die today, they'll be back tomorrow nigga
I'm on a Harley, cruising by rides
With the stogey in my mouth, Makeveli in the iPod
Weezy F., nine milli and the eye's lied
Make you think that was a fire squad
The way I fire mine, in reality yall behind mine
So I can't see you, all you see is Evisu signs

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