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Live Fast Die Numb


[Verse 1]
Rope around my neck, finna jump, ain't stressin' no more
Jump, jump, jump in
Hate me but you hurt me, so I'll say that I don't love you no more
Sad, sad, let down
Higher, I am, layin' in the clouds where I like to be
I know you're mad
But only at yourself 'cause it wasn't me
You keep lovin' yourself, keep lovin' yourself
'Cause you never can love somebody else

Live fast, die numb
Is all I ever wanted to be
Sharp teeth, sharp tongue
Is the only way you're treating me
I'm wasted, I'm drinking, I'm blacking out
This road that I'm taking, no backing down
Live fast, die numb
Is all I ever wanted to be

[Verse 2]
I hate to love you now
I hate the feeling that I get when you come around
It's funny that you really thought that you could hold me down
You say you love me then you turn my world upside down

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Date Added: 2022-07-04
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