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I got this real issue of dragging me down, down
I cannot break It, see the sun's all around, round
I'm trying to fight it but I cannot escape
'Cause I can't get away, no I can't get away

You brought me down so that I couldn't get up
Knew I would fight but it is never enough
I fee it in my bones, I feel it in the air
I've gotta get outta, get outta here

'Cause I am so lonely, I'm so lonely
'Cause I'm so lonely, I'm so lonely, can't you see?
Our demons gather, watch as they all surround, round
I try to fight them but they just hold me down

But I will fight, I know that I'll get back up
I always try, one day it will be enouh

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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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