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Look What You've Done

Mhm, *Deep breath* look what you've done

[Verse 1]
Third month, of O eleven I met you
It was march 12th to be exact , do you remember that
We hit it off so perfect
Every second you deserve
Jade babe you were perfect
And I was here to bring you something new , something fresh, something different from the rest
Cause' you told me about your father and that loser even left
So I begged you for a chance and happily you gave it up
And for them first few weeks or month I swear to god we were in love
I just felt it in my heart
Even in my stomach
But thinking on them arguments gone lead us both to vomit
I said if we were strong we can surely overcome it, but I guess we weren't strong enough cause' now we so so distant
And I miss it , them phone calls , up late , cute text
It's just, human nature, to miss you , I wish I could
Pick you up, talk about how I miss you, how I miss your voice , and I regret my choice
And choice of words when we argued like fuck you I hate

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