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Low Life Future

High, high, get, get, gettin` high, everybody gettin` high
Get, get, get, gettin` high, you`re unbelievably high
I just took some molly, what else? (Hey)Got some bitch from Follies with us (`scuse me, `scuse me)
She gonna fuck the squad, what else? (I swear)
I`ma fuck her broads, what else? (Get, get!)
Bitch from Pakistan, what up? (Foreign!)
Ferraris and them Lambs, what else? (skrrrt)
`Bout to fuck this club up, what else? (Get, get!)
Metro Boomin wants some more, nigga!
I turn the Ritz into a poor house
It`s like eviction number four now
Go `head and ash it on the floor now
Girl go `head and show me how you go down
And I feel my whole body peakin`
And I`m fuckin` anybody with they legs wide
Gettin` faded with some bitches from the West Side
East coast, nigga reppin` North Side
Never waste a ho`s time (Freebands)
Bitch, I`m on my own time
Fuck a nigga co-sign
Always change my number and my phone line
Baby girl, I don`t lie
Used to have no money for a crib
Now my room service bill cost your whole life
If they try to stunt me, I go all out military
I`m camo`ed all out, like I`m in the military
I free up all my niggas locked up in the penitentiary
`Cause I`m always reppin` for that low life
Reppin` for that low life turn up
Low life, low life, low life
Know I`m reppin` for that low, low life
Representin`, I`m representin`, representin`
Said I`m reppin` for that low life
Low life, low life, low life, low life
I`m representin` for that low life
Said I`m repping for that low life
I`m reppin`, that`s reppin`, I`m reppin`
Low life, low life, low life
Rep, rep, rep, rep, rep, rep, rep
Woo, woo, woo, woo
Wake up take a sip of Ace of Spade like it`s water
I been on the molly and them Xans with your daughter
If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry
If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry
Porsches in the valet, I got Bentleys, I got `Raris
Taking pain pills on the plane, gettin` chartered
Poppin` tags on tags, I was starvin`
Bitch, I got the juice and the carbine
Turn a five star hotel to a traphouse
Roaches everywhere, like we forgot to take the trash out
Flood my cross with ice, gettin` money my religion
Got my baby momma and my side bitch kissin`
I turn the Ritz into a lean house
This the sixth time gettin` kicked out
I can`t feel my face, I`m on Adderall, nauseous
Niggas tryna ride my fuckin` wave, now they salty
Runnin` with the wave, get you killed quick
Shoot you in your back like you Ricky
Lil Mexico, from no life to afterlife
My whole life, my whole life

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