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My name is Marsh and this world, I`m out of it (Out of it)
`Cause with all this A-B-C shit, I`m startin` to sound like alphabet
Ha! I kill me, this medicine`s counterfeitI was mislead by the sound of it
How am I gonna get turnt up on this Valium shit? (Yeah)

Checked in at the Royal Garden
To chill and avoid my problems
Until paranoia caused me to feel like I`m going bonkers
For real, think my toilet`s talkin`
I spilled like, like forty bottles of pills
Think your boy is startin` to feel like a spoiled carton of milk

`Cause it just occurred
My girl`s cheatin`, I`m kickin` that fuckin` bitch to the curb
But the word fuckin` ain`t meant to be a descriptive word
The type of bitch she is ain`t no adjective, it`s a verb

Hoe thinks her snatch is magical but that`s how she attracts
Men and who traps `em and attack similar to an actual arachnid
Or a vaginal tarantula or black widow

In fact it`ll be nothing to throw that lil` Bitch with a capital
B out the back window out the black Cadillac limo like a whack demo
When I`m strapped, when I spit rapid, like a ratchet
A halfwit I`ll aim at then I`ll
Been fire bitch, I can`t outrap Reynolds
A pad and pen`d be great but a napkin`ll do
Return of the whack sicko
Head spinnin` like invisible scratch pickles
Yeah, Shady`s back, see the bat signal
It`s time to go bat shit
Like you accidentally ate a Louisville
Slugger and crapped it, I`d like to introduce myself
Hi there, bitch

My name is Marsh and, I`m out this world (This world)
S on my chest (Superman) like it`s plural (It`s lit)
Call me extra, extra terrestrial
Extra, extra, extra terrestrial

Yeah, I could keep beefin`
Fuck is the point?
I could make it really difficult for motherfuckers to come to Detroit
If you`re still looking for smoke, I already gave you an L
I`d rather just see you in hell but
I should get puff on the joint (Diddy)
Wait, run it back, I said gave you an L, in hell
Puff on the joint, I am the blunt you avoid
Used to get jumped for my poems
When I was growin` up they said a slinky`s a wonderful toy

My mother thought I was such a fun little boy
Oh, what a bundle of joy!
Until the morning she suffered a punch in the groin
From the tantrum I was throwing

Like a motherfuckin` disgruntled employee
I don`t cut the beat `til I fuckin` destroy it
Once I get going rain thunder it`s storming
Puddles are forming, I hear somebody`s voice

In my head say it`s still a dream
Then he said kill emcee`s
Trippie Redd, with pills on lean
Sippin` meds in the limousine
Getting head, guillotine

My name is Marsh and, I`m out this world (This world)
S on my chest (Superman) like it`s plural (It`s lit)
Call me extra, extra terrestrial
Extra, extra, extra terrestrial

So all of y`all can just suck a penis (Suck a penis)
I`ll do the opposite (I`ll do the opposite)
Eat you pussies like cunnilingus (Like cunnilingus)
There ain`t no stopping it (There ain`t no stopping it)
They say I`m such a genius (They say I`m such a genius)
When that kamikaze hit (When that kamikaze hit)
Now they call me, butter fingers (They call me, butter fingers)
`Cause I just keep droppin` shit (I just keep droppin` shit)
You wanna butt heads? Shut up Beavis, ha ha

I got your bitch with her butt out
I`m hittin` a lick and she stickin` her tongue out
You got no hitters, you might be pitchin` a shut out
She `bout to give up the dug out
I should just live in a nut house
Right now, I live in an igloo (Yeah)
And I`m not chillin` the fuck out

Treat you like a stepparent, does to a stepchild with red hair and
Plus I get dough like Ed Sheeran, so call me the ginger bread man
I`m a stan of Redman, ex clan and I`m a Treach fan
But I look up to myself (Yeah)
Like a fucking headstand (Yeah)
So why, w-w-why else, would I call myself an alien?
How could I hit a dry spell (Yeah), I`m named after the wet lands

I`m Marsh and, I`m out this world (This world)
S on my chest (Superman) like it`s plural
Call me extra, extra terrestrial
My name is Marsh and, my name is, my name is
My name is Marsh

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