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I remember the day, I was driving away, as I stopped at a small city-park
A girl came along, she was humming a song, hitch-hiking down in the dark
Her name it is Mary, she come down from Derry, and her age it was 22
She missed the last bus, for to go to Belfast, and she didn′t know what to do

Ah, ah, ah, nananana, nananana
Ah, ah, ah, nananana, nananana

We went to a bar, near a town called Omagh, and I ordered two pints and a gin
We talked about busses, and taxis and life, untill we forgot where we′ve been
And two hours later, I asked the old waiter, for a double-room and a last drop
He gave us the key after he gets a fee, and Mary kissed me as we reached the top

Next morning I awoke, she′d vanished like smoke, I found the room empty and bare
Except the short letter, it said ′twill be better, to remember the time that we shared
But I can′t forget you, and all that I′m into, is a whole lot of time to spent
In all my day dreaming just when the moon′s beaming, I′m longing for to meet you again


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