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Get up Bitch(x16)


I grew up wit da goons
So what the fuck you think
That made me
I'm not a game so ain't no muthafucka
Played me, I got whips, and I am not
A slave see and im gon' ball like a
Muthafucka shave me (repeat 1x)

[Verse 1:Juicy J]

Mac 11 on my seat wit' a silencer
Nigga run up off the street I'ma fire her
I'm a king bitch, gon' kiss these rings bitch
Gon' suck it, roll another light that flame bitch
I'm rich to the end might as well spend that shit
Money on my plate might as well finish it
Spaceship high smokin' out wit' E.T
I don't give a shit I'm smokin' out on TV
Wearin' a chinchilla, poppin' a few pillas
Buy alotta' medical, keep a couple of dealers
New cars, new hoes, call me Flip Wilson
Walkin' in a club with somethin' like Keri Hilson

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

O.K. this is verse two
That means that it's blunt two
My eyes like a Chinese mane you can call me Bruce (Lee!!)
It's cloudy in the booth
My blunt is almost through
Maserati outside, two doors no roof
Which one of you niggas say you want it wit juice
I ain't Jesus but I'll show yo ass da truth
Don't get scared when I turn them cannons loose
Better yet, fuck it, let them goons handle you

[Hook 2x]

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