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Micro Fiend

Hit me...
I like that...
Hit me again!

[Verse 1]
I go by Weezy F. B., that's who I be
You don't wanna lose me like new I.D
I beat up the track like the new Ali
And leave an eye black and blue and green
They tell me I can do it, just do it clean
But I'm from the dirty South, I don't know what that mean
Eminem I am a money machine
Two girls in the bed with son inbetween
Now I treat women like a nun or a queen
If she got nice legs she can run on my team
Yeah, I stick her up like a gun in her spleen
My name is Lil Wayne and I'm a microfiend!
Hit me again!

[Verse 2]
Alright I'm going back in like...
B-back on my 1, 2, now watch me snap like a jumpsuit
I'm country like gold on your front tooth
And I work all day like the phone booth
Sometimes shit get to thick for me to come through
And I just needa relax and some shampoo
Spitta, Dizzy and Mack they with the camp too
We get money and we smoke like candles
When we do it I let her keep on her sandals
She just wanna get used like samples
And you know I jumps in it like a trampo...leen!
Wayne, the microfiend!
Hit me!
Hit me again!

[Verse 3]
And my car goes *carsound*
Jumped out the driver lookin' like lava
Stickin' to the script like Java
Holla at ya gualla, infected with money and power
And I be the teacher like Steve Vital-ah!
Got my Vans on but these Marc Jacobs
And I'm so high, I thought I saw spaceships
A-list, number one on your playlist
Flow poisonous like snake spit
And I gotta little money where my safe is
For my babys babys babys
Babys babys babys
Babys babys babys, baby!

My name is Lil Wayne and I'm a microfiend
I said my name is Lil Wayne and I'm a microfiend

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