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[Verse 1: P!nk & *Steven Tyler*]
Shadows are falling all over town
Another night and these blues got me down
Oh, misery! I sure could use some company
*Oh sing it girl!*
*Since he's been gone I ain't been the same*
*I carry the weight like an old ball and chain*
*Guess it's all meant to be*
*For love to cause such misery*

[Chorus: P!nk & *Steven Tyler* (**Both**)]
**Oh misery! Oh misery!**
**Tell me why does my heart** make a fool of me
Seems it's my destiny
For love to cause me misery

[Verse 2: P!nk & *Steven Tyler* (**Both**)]
**And, oh! I've been down this road before**
With a passion that turns into pain
**And each time I saw love walk out the door**
*I swore I'd never get caught again*

But ain't it true? It takes what it takes
And sometime we get too smart to leave
*One more heartache for me*
**Another night of misery**

[Chorus: P!nk & *Steven Tyler* (**Both**)]
**Oh! And oh misery! Oh misery!**
Tell me why does my heart make a fool of me
**Oh misery! Oh misery!**
**Tell me why, why, why, why, why, why does this**
Heart make a fool of me
Seems its my destiny
For love to cause misery, oh
Guess its all meant to be
For love to cause me misery, oh, no, yeah

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