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Modern Warfare

Breaking in with your new friend
Think of me when you shut it down, down, down, down
Heart breaking we-

[Verse 1]
She said what you doing can you come through?
Certain things I wish I could undo
Don't want to feel a way, so let it pass through
Waist pressed on you in a past life
She said undress her in the bathroom
Give me head I love a good attitude
Falling for you in a vacuum
Slipping past 100 on the dash soon
When I call it, can you zoom?
Zoom, zoom, zoom yeah
Comms check, one, two
I thought about you all of my night
Found you outside
We had fun crimes
Collapsed some time
I'll cross your mind
Call me next time
Dilated eyes
Quick death, brief life

I lost all focus
Blurring through these motions
You don't give a f*ck since
Distance turned to oceans (I can't find my phone)
Weaponise the timeline
I've been here in real life
Dodging all these airstrikes
Anxious but its alright

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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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