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Money In My Pocket

[Hook: x2]
Gettin' to it every day, when you see the kid know that the boy guappin'
And when you see me in the mall, it's me and my team shoppin'
Money in my pocket, pocket, pocket, pocket [x2]

Every day we gettin' to it, I get it
I wake up in the morning and you know I'm bout to rip it
I hop up in the Jaguar
You know that that's that fast car
I step inside the club got the girls lookin' at me cuz they know that my money right
And I hit the club with all that ice on me so you know that I'm stuntin' right
I got the cash on me yeah the bands on me got all of these racks today
I hit the mall I'ma ball got 20 every day I don't know what a hater say


Yeah, kid standing on the planet
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and I'm on another status
You see me on TV, man you know I gotta have it
Grab the spot homie where I'm goin' head and grab it, yeah
Money on deck I gotta get it
Stacks on deck and we talkin' bout the digits
Money I could lick, every day I gotta get it
Yeah you know what's up if you wit it then I'm wit it, yeah
What's happenin, please tell me what's happenin'
I'm back to the rappin' man I got away from the trappin
We talkin' bout another level homie watch your actions
I'm real, I'm real, I'm real, you fake like plastic dawg


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