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Money In The Bank Freestyle

[Chorus: x4]
I got money on the drink
And half on the dank

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Yeah, thank God I'm a millionaire
Hard body, these other boys teddy bears
Fuck with me momma, I know you want a G
And I'm a real Blood, if you want R&B
Just call me Carter honey, if you can't say the baby
Bitch I'm so fuckin' hot, I feel radiated
Hoe I'm so fuckin' fly, my eyes are Aviators
I'm stuck at the top floor in the elevator
'Cause I'm high, dumb high
Nigga, I could look into the sun's eyes
Young guy, but rich though
And I keep a rag on me like a '64, like a '64
You know I got that bounce
It's Mister-Quick-to-Pour-a-Eighth-In-a-20-Ounce
Okay I'm Terminator, you niggas Minnie Mouse
And I'm Young Money anyhow

[Chorus: x9]
I got money on the drink
And half on the dank

[Verse 2 - Mack Maine]
I saud it's hood shit baby, so you know it's all thugs
Rockstar life, lotta sex, and a lotta drugs
It's O.G. kush, purple dro, and pine bud
Have a real nigga feelin' like he's so fucked up
Have a fake nigga feelin' like he's so bucked up
There go the weed man, Spitta back the truck up
There go the lean man, Thugga we done lucked up
I mix the two dro by my bitch and then we rough fuck
I leave a Crego to the lot and pick a Jag' up
If you was in my shoes, nigga you could brag 'cause
Weezy he got me, Baby he got me
Young Money, Cash Money, bitch that's my posse
.40 cals with broke safeties just try to rob me
Million dollar man feelin' like Ted DiBiase
Now let me tell you, if I'm missin' a bush
Shit'll get uglier than New York from the 'Flavor Of Love'

[Chorus x9]
I got money on the drink
And half on the dank

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