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Money In The Way

Chea,Im getting paid,thats all i gotta say
Cant see you lil ni**as cause the money in the way,
Cause I chase that money like the dog chase the bunny,
Got that wet candy paint got my car looking yummy,only smoke the best weed my cigar looking Buffy Like the Vampire Slayer, put it in the air,
I swear I get head like Bayers,
and I can do anything to her but pay her, ha ha..
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Now say M.O.B., i make a whole lotta money that Ima spend on me
Das how it be I ain't talkin bout no inner sex or nothing, but I must be fly cause yo chick bugging, Good looking rapper but your chick ugly ,You need to trade that ho* like Kobe or something, Ha
And I don't play and you could never get to me because the Money In The Way

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