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Monster Inside

[Verse 1]
He walks with a grin, he grows from within
He lives off fear and he eats off sin
He wants to control a body and soul
If he had a heart it'd be black as coal
Death's at his hands, plottin' gang plans
It's all predetermined by the grains of sand
And the hourglass break drop as the hours pass
And he relives the excitement til the last glass
His rage is displayed with a gauge to your stomach
It lives in a chef as he chops at the veins
Press human patties' at blood soak bay
It's all that remains at the end of his day
He's a nightmare in the night air with a cold stare
You could be the one caught in his sick glare
Now ya chosen, and ya frozen, oh its mine
It'll break itself free if only in due time

Pain, torture, kill, destroy
That's all I wanna do
That's all that brings me joy
I am the monster within taking control
And once I am out I am never letting go

There's a monster!
(That lives inside me!)
There's a monster!
(Somewhere inside me!)
There's a monster!
(it lives inside me!)
There's a monster!
(always inside me!)

[Verse 2]
Gotta stay locked away, if he came out to play
Feel his lust to kill and then everybody pay
His thirst is much worse and his craving its a curse
He likes scrambled eggs til the eyes burst
And pull off fingernails wit a set of vicegrips
He doused you all in gasoline after he takes a sip
Tortures you for sacrifice to feed his appetite
His ritualist God, his ritual is hot
The fear is immense, as insists by the screams
And the sound that goes round is the thing in the streets
Right before the kill hes crackin jokes like a jester
Got you layed out on the table like you is death stained
Don't kill quick, as he tends to enjoy it
When hes in control the memory is a lil sorted
Pain is all that remains like a chain oh God
I feel em again he's in my brain!



Its not.. an easy thing to be a monster
Believe me I feel it
I need to be alone, but I'm not alone am I?
How do you need help from me?
Come closer.. close.-err..


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