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Mr. Gangsta

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Then the god stepped in
Instead of A the track should say Amen (Haha)
Drama I got it, Weezy bionic, Wayne iconic
Get up in that ass like a colonic
We don't do drive by's we do pull ups like Sonic
Don't it, remind you of greatness
Leave your ass faceless
I battle you, take your heart, and then taste it
I'm a crazy motherfucker, and so is my homies
And I promise, to make most of my moment
You boys ain't talking bout shit
Even in the bathroom you ain't talking bout shit
Shoot your ass in the leg, tell you walk it out bitch
Tommy gun on me like a Tommy outfit
I'm a, Hollygrove asshole
Bitch I'm gutta like a bad bone
Make the money do cartwheels
Footprint like a Carolina Tarheel
Just like young Mike
It's Young Money bitch we about to take flight

[Verse 2: Smitty]
Yes, you are now rocking with the best
Evil empire, DJ EFX
Remix Mafia, 3 6, we sick, make hit records prestigious
We just, ride 'til the new budget free up
Married to this shit 10 years, no prenup
Done with the games, man put the Wii up
Meet up at the Days Inn then turn the beat up
Re-up, yea I'm trynna get a key up
Say the game locked, Wayne better get a key up
(Ugh) On the flow put the G up
Velour suit FILA, feet up 2 seater
We up in the Poconos brewing that tea up
Bet better yet ? like cheya
Cheya money long like me (yuh)
Mean sixteens that'll end your career
We are, right here mon frere
From the same label that brought you Aaliyah
Prayer, in the air one shot, one tear
Warning, these rap niggas not what they appear
Never been cheap Louis Vs on my ear
Fuck the grill rather spend 10 mil on veneers (yea)
This a hip-hop premier
Talking old school D and D like ?
And Aaliyah (yea) still on some fly shit
And tell Splash "yea homie this our shit"
The flow crack, go and get the ?
Now clip that, take it back to the projects
I obsess over trying to be the best
But if it's no struggle, then it's no progress
And that's a hard pill that I try and digest
I just kill them off soft like Wyclef
Rooms in the sky, dead men fly
These type of words make a grown man cry
(Who am I) Most hated, underrated, and debated
If we ain't talking money homie I'll see you later
Kinda faded with this thick bitch looking like Jada
Take her back to the truck, then we fuck
Then I ate her, made her nut
Got her up, now she talking 'bout payment
Baby you already know that the flow so crazy
Nothing more, nothing less
Yes, you are now rocking with the best

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