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Mumble Rapper Vs. Lyricist

Know that I`m runnin` the game (Yeah)
Purple is all in my veins (Yeah)
Coppin` a couple of chains (Woah)Throw it, I`m makin` it rain

Yo, how come everybody in the game wanna rap like you
With the played out flow
I`ve been in the back, killin` every damn track
And your rhymes all wack, how the fuck y`all blow?

Well, this shit is all I know (Uh)
Rappin` `bout bitches and clothes (Yeah)
Gettin` unlimited hoes (Woah)
All of my diamonds are froze

Now you rap with venom and then you pack the rhythm
And every track will hit `em and you blow
But you wack, a little bit, don`t stack the syllables
You have to hit `em with new flows

Like naw, homie I`m in it for cash
Just wanna get me a bag (Yeah, yeah)
Tell `em I`m whippin` the Jack
And I be poppin` them tags

Like naw, everybody rap like that
Everybody wanna make a track like that
Everybody else in the game sound the God damn same
And you won`t kill a rap like that
Like where the word play and the metaphors at?
What y`all make, I could never call rap
Big L, Big Pun, I`ma get `em all back
And you mumblin` motherfuckers had better fall back

Nah, homie it`s not gonna change
Clearly we`re runnin` the game
Talkin` `bout women and chains
Droppin` that shit that be numbin` your brain
It`s fuckin` insane and they love it
We ain`t gotta rap or nothin`
Long as 808`s are bumpin`
It`s end of fuckin` discussion

Yeah, maybe right now but it`s not gonna last
Y`all better make room for the prophets of rap
When they hear real shit no copyin` that
And they all gon` see yo` rhymin` is wack
Y`all snakes, I`m choppin` the grass
Gonna hit `em with a bang, no stoppin` the crash
I don`t wanna make bets, I`m droppin` the cash
I`m not gonna let y`all kill hip-hop in its tracks

But we ain`t even kill it, it`s evolved
Fuck the ones who came before us
I`ma show `em how to ball

It`s not evolution, y`all better cool it
Fuck mumble rap, we need a better movement
More real shit and way less pollution
Stop makin` music, that`s the best solution
Y`all think you dope, but that`s just illusion
Say you will, but I don`t ever prove it
I`m the leader of the fuckin` revolution
Go get prepared for y`all execution
Everybody wanna talk about the money and the
women they be gettin` but wanna kill it when they rap
Everybody wanna be the mack of the game but
you rappin` the same and I put `em on they back
Everybody wanna be the best out,
wanna find the best route, follow me, I put `em on the map
If you really want to be the best in the
game, stop rappin` like everyone else on the track

Homie that`s all that they want
Lovin` the money I flaunt (Yeah, yeah)
Keepin` it short, don`t gotta give it a thought
Only the shit that I bought

Fuck that, you gotta stay different
Y`all think it`s hot, but y`all straight trippin`
I`m off the chain and my blade spinnin`
Y`all in the club while my paint drippin`
I`m a fuckin` artist, who`s done with all this
Straight wack shit, so I`m bustin` on this
Y`all leaned out, but you suck regardless
I`ma run up on `em, feelin` fuckin` lawless
Better tuck your chain and fuckin` run your wallets
You are now lookin` at the youngest prophet
Who be killin` rappers, got no other option
Yeah they got green, but I`m a fuckin` goblin
Tell `em whatever your man felt
Sensei with the rhymes, so give me the black belt
Got flame and the vibes that are makin` the track melt
Goin` all in, dog, whatever they hand out
Like ho go tell a bitch, I flow so venomous
I bom bom, hit `em with the stone-cold evidence
I flow so relevant and show no benefit
A low blow, bring `em on the po-po, never been
Mumble rappers shut your fuckin` mouth
Fall back, don`t make another sound
Tellin` me to fuckin` dumb it down
But I`ma buck `em all, I got a hundred rounds
Like blah!

Fuck it, I guess what I`m tryin` to say is that
I miss the days when MC`s would kill it and blaze a track
When flows were different and everybody would state some facts
And I ain`t sayin` I`m the best, just tryin` to save rap

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