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Nah This Ain't the Remix

Ay Mane
I'm popping shit, man
Tell them niggas, if they tryin' to see me
504 the area code
70118 the zip code
That's right
One more thing
Don't touch my shit, nigga
Old South speakin' to you
That's right

Hey, when the pistol's in your rib, nigga
Drop it like it's hot (3x)
When I put one up in your wig, better
Drop it like it's hot
Hey, when I run up in your crib, nigga
Drop it like it's hot
Shit, nah, this here is not the remix
Just lil' old me, singing my shit, shit

[Verse 1]
I'm a Hot Boy. I drive a hot car
The type of nigga get brain in a cop car
Oh, that's your girlfriend
We call her slop jaw
Because she drink from a cock straw
I had relationships with a few pop stars
Wasn't serious, I was aiming for the pop charts
Now the young nigga livin' like a rock star
Only live 5 star, one bed, five whores
I'm a D-boy, but y'all know that
So when you see me, you ask me where the dope at
You wanna see me
Hey, you gon' need some more cash
I can't even hold a conversation with your broke ass
You ain't got more money than me
Think about it
Let's just say someone gave me a check
And took the ink up out it
Now all I can do is go to the bank about it

[Hook 2]
Hey, after you back it up then stop
Drop it like it's hot
Hey mama, pop that pussy then shake that ass
Drop it like it's hot
You gotta wobble-de-wobble and then
Drop it like it's hot
Shit, nah, this here is not the remix
Just lil' old me, singing my shit, shit

[Verse 2]
I got a sense of humor
But ain't shit funny
I see 'em get mad
But I just get money
My AK a bit runny
So you should either sniff or get hit from it
You get hit runnin'
Hate that I did something
If I did, let me know
I could get a lot of bitches
But my bitch could get me more
Different hoes, got 'em walking on their tippy toes
Talkin' with they pussy holes
Conversation, rule the nation
Here we go, I'm in Bal Harbour
Like give me those
Little man, I ball harder
My car's larger
I'm going farther than y'all could ever pardon
Sharpen my toothbrush, rush the fucking warden
Yeah, I'm part of a mobb daddy
And dyin' behind the sign
Is part of my job, mama
I'm hard as a rock
I'mma fuck me a thick bitch
Throw a CD at her
She drop it, dismissed, you got me

[Hook 2]

[Verse 3]
I go by Young Carter, father of one daughter
Bought her a cellphone, I call her every morning
I got my first check, I went and bought a V
Bought everybody's with my second
Call me Mr. Deeds
Hey Marley, twist the weed
Lauren, hold the pistol, please
Promethazine got me leaning like 6 degrees
I look Japanese, my bitch Blackanese
You see the guns I got
You know the cops ain't packin' these
They call me Weezy Baby
Please say the "Baby," baby
9-27-82, I'm an eighties baby
Y'all know the Birdman
I know the 80s, baby
So if you trippin'
I'mma take it back to 80, baby
You call me crazy, but
I call it brazy, baby
I'm from the dirty, we could dance
Patrick Swayze, baby
I rock a red flag, representing uptown
Only on the right side
Fuckin' with them Bloods now

[Hook 2]

When I heard this song, I got a little upset
But then I thought to myself
What haven't I done yet, fuck
Young Money motherfucker
Young Mane, Hot Spitta in the building
We got Lil Boo ridin' with us this time, nigga
Ay Mane
Nah, I ain't a hater, don't get me wrong
I made it a hot line, you made it a hot song

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