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[Verse 1: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Everybody on the planet Earth is gone
And I am left alone to roam
I see mangled bodies in the street
Litter in the block like a Stephen King scenery
If this was a stand I'd be trash canned
But this ain't no lie, wanna know why I'm the last man
Bitches you can't quit, adjust like men do
So when you're bleedin' out your mouth it makes it hard to understand you

[Hook: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Do you live in the wasteland?
Are you walkin' in the streets that I sleep in?
Cannibals are huntin' for the weak
And when napalm goes and explodes
Crackin' open the cemetery gates, awake the dead

Get up
Wake the dead

[Verse 2: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Welcome to the land of the dead
Hard pressed, step on prosthetic arms and legs
Be lucky that you got a head and a mouth to feed with
So you're fucked if you gotta hold your food down when you're feedin'
Bleedin' as if I got buckets of blood
And if blood is the new black then I'm lightweight cuz
And if pain is the new love then I'd love you to death
Puttin' conversations of haunts in the hole of their chests
I'm 'bout to hit 'em with a blast
Leave a crease off in their face
Not even botox can remove or take away
Too bad, now you're frontin' like me
Gotta eat dead people that you're find in the street
Cause your stomach all hungry and you're out of a job
It only takes one break to make the window drop
Two bullets lift to kill two crooked ass cops
Napalm in the air and the shit don't stop


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