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Hit me in my whip, that bitch nasty
Bad bitch, but her attitude nasty
Ooh ooh she the swoop, don't kiss her, that bitch nasty
I'm just lookin' for some thots, bitch I'm nasty
Nasty, nasty, nasty (ooh ooh that's my song ho)
Nasty, nasty, nasty (ooh ooh that's my song ho)
Nasty, nasty, nasty (ooh ooh that's my song ho
That's my song ho, that's my song ho)

Ooh ooh, that's my song ho
Hold up, tell me what you're mad for
Tell me something I don't know
Trapping with a band, that's a no-show
Stick up in the club with the rocket
Ain't tryna cuff a bitch, I ain't got time
He said I ain't got no money
This nigga's so funny, need a re-Vine
Nat Nat suck dick without stopping
Dancin' with all the roaches in her apartment
You can show her checks, she drop her garments
You can tell she licking and she a pro widdit
Nigga gotta keep a band on me
And a pistol, just in case a nigga want it
So when I hit it and I whip it in the xan-bar suite
I opened up the door cause it's time for mommy, ayy
Woulda, coulda, I don't get tired
Fussing about it, (Look at this!) recompressing
It shouldn't have been cut at the bottom
Pot full of powder
Parliaments supposed to be jumping up out it
Why you be frowning, huh?
You know you ain't bout it, your girl on my johnson
Go hanging with [?] I say nothing about it
DMing my Instagram, want me to pound her?
Come with them thousands, I flood you with ounces
I used to be jacking straight out public housing
Run in your shop and we jump on the counter
Thumbin' through hundreds with no money counter
Buy a new whip, I equip with equipment
My trunk [?] and she like how it's sounding
Mastered the chickens, she really gets down
I don't get tired, meaning no time for lounging'
I don't get tired
Me and lil mama gon eat each other out, and that's a 69
And I swear to god that's the only time she ain't a dime
Baby girl, let's make a porno, you are the star case
Marco walked in, clean as fuck, tryna do the nasty
Rich Homie say she the swoooop
And I want that hat long, hat like a [?]
She want that mother nature, rain on her roof
And then she with my dog like ruff
Hey, swagging like, she a natnat, leave her in the dark, termite
Suck my pipe, like a motherfucking J at night
Swagger right, check, ay
And I got a black ho with a long neck
Give me head better than Becky

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